Rust loosener with freeze shock effect.

When sprayed onto a rusted nut bolt connection, the rust cools down (-40°C) and cracks, leaving small fissures. The active liquid will rapidly penetrate into those small openings and blocked parts are separated easily. CRC Rost Flash loosens all kinds of threaded parts, hinges and sliding parts. Free of silicones and acids.

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General description

Freezes and cracks rust. When sprayed on the corroded surface, the oxides freeze (-40°C) and crack, leaving small fissures. The penetrating oil can now quickly penetrate through the cracks, providing an easy dismounting. CRC Rost Flash works on all kinds of surfaces when a movement is blocked by corrosion. Does not contain silicones or acids.



• Cracks the layer of rust and dirt using thermal shock (reduces temperature to -40°C).
• Loosens metal parts seized by dirt, corrosion or dried-up grease.
• Penetrates quickly.
• Does not contain silicones.
• Safe on all metal surfaces, does not stain.
• Safe on most rubbers, plastics and coatings. Test on sensitive or stressed materials before use.
• Convenient 360° (including inverted position) spray valve for aerosols.



• Cleaning mechanical parts.
• Handling equipment.
• Seized and corroded parts.
• Agricultural equipment.
• General disassembly.



• Remove most of the loose dirt with a wire brush.
• Spray liberally and allow to run off.
• Use extension tube for more precise application.
• Spray from a short distance.
• Allow a few minutes for good penetration.
• Repeat if necessary.
• To remove residues or excess product, use one of the CRC cleaners.
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and amendments is
available for all CRC products.


Typical product data (without propellant)

Appearance                                          Liquid

Color                                                    amber

Odour                                                   Characteristic odor

Density                                                0.75 g/cm3 (@ 20°C)

Flash Point                                           < 0 °C



Aerosol 12×500 ML

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