Light lubrication oil with PTFE, for frequent start-up situations.

Superior lubricant for universal use, containing PTFE. Provides a long-lasting protection against wear, friction and corrosion.

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Superior lubricant with PTFE *.
CRC Power Lube is a high performance lubricant incorporating a sophisticated additive
package with PTFE to provide long lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion.
It out-performs conventional lubricants in lubricating effectiveness, dramatically increasing
the life and operating efficiency of parts and equipment, especially under the extremes of
pressures and the environment.



• PTFE addition helps to minimise surface to surface contact with an anti-friction shield.
• Withstands extreme load carrying situations.
• Outperforms conventional lubricants under extreme pressures.
• Penetrates and displaces moisture leaving a protective film.
• Safe on all metals and alloys.
• Testing is advised in case of doubt on painted surfaces, plastics and rubbers.
• Aerosols are equipped with the 360° (upside-down) spray valve and an extension tube for
added convenience.
• Aerosols pressurised with non-flammable CO2 propellant, giving an active product content
of over 97%.



Long-lasting lubrication and protection of:
• Bearings
• Cables
• Rollers
• Guide bars
• Pulleys
• Sliding surfaces
• Valves
• Gears
• Ball and Socket joints
• Taps and dies
• Hinges
• Motors
• Cutting tools
• Precision tools
• Chain drives
• Corrosion inhibitor.


  • Shake well before
  • Spray in light, even coats to protect and lubricate surfaces. Allow a short time for penetration before
  • When applying to heavily corroded parts, first scrape with wire brush. Use extension tube for hard-to-reach
  • Repeat application at regular time intervals to ensure optimal preventive
  • If necessary, non-drying film can be removed by CRC Fast Dry Degreaser or CRC Industrial
  • Do not use on energised equipment. Use in well ventilated
  • A safety data sheet (MSDS) according EU directive 93/112 is available for all CRC products.

TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)

Appearance                                                                       :    amber opaque liquid

Specific gravity (@ 20°C)                                                   :    0,77

Distillation range of solvents                                             :    60-100°C

Flash point (closed cup)                                                     :    < 0°C

Vapour density (solvent, vs. air = 1)                                   :    3 (calc.) Ultimate film thickness (@ 20°C, after a 24hrs spread)                                                                               :    10-15 µm Film properties (after evaporation of solvent)

Dynamic viscosity (@ 20°C)                                               :    360 mPa.s

Specific gravity (@ 20°C)                                                   :    0,94

Salt Spray resistance (*)                                                     :    90 h.

Heat resistance                                                                  :    120°C (150°C short time) Pour point  :     < -20°C.



aerosol : 12 x 400 ml bulk : 200 l

(*) Typical corrosion protection results will depend mainly on surface conditions and indoor environment. It may be less than 1 month or more than 6 months. The first application therefore should be checked periodically for signs of corrosion. Once the time of protection under any specific condition is determined, CRC Power Lube may be re-applied at intervals to maintain protection.

All statements in this publication are based on service experience and/or laboratory testing. Because of the wide variety of equipment and conditions and the unpredictable human factors involved, we recommend that our products be tested on-the-job prior to use. All information is given in good faith but without warranty neither expressed nor implied.

This Technical Data Sheet may already have been revised at this moment for reason such as legislation, availability of components and newly acquired experiences. The latest and only valid version of this Technical Data Sheet will be sent to you upon simple request or can be found on our website: www.crcind.com.

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