Heavy duty mould cleaner.

Highly effective and powerful solvent blend developed for use on heavily soiled moulds and dies to remove a variety of moulding deposits.

 Foaming action which clings to the mould surface and facilitates a good contact with the contamination

• Removes: plastics, rubbers and resin residues, even when carbonized

• Thixotropic formulation for maximum efficiency, even on vertical surfaces

• Leaves a clean and dry surface after application


General description

Solvent blend to weaken and dissolve hardened and carbonized polymer particles.


• Soaks off stubborn polymer remnants from mould surfaces
• Foamy substance which clings to the surface and facilitates a firm contact with
the contamination.
• Softens hardened polymers
• Makes a good job of cleaning moulds before storage.



Thorough cleaning of mould surfaces.
Eliminate remnants of polymers gaskets or gas blowouts on transforming moulds.


• Shake well before use.
• Apply a thick layer from 25 cm distance.
• Allow to act on the surface for 10 to 15 minutes
• Take of the residue with a brush, plastic spatula or a water jet.
• Clean the mould according to the standard procedure .
• Protect the surfaces against corrosion when stored.


Typical product data (without propellant)

Aspect                                                            : Foamy, thick substance

Colour                                                            : Opaque

Density                                                           : 1,2 g/cm³

KB value                                                         : 130

Viscosity                                                         : 120 mPa..s



Aerosol 12×500 ML

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