Multipurpose grease for food processing equipment.

Long-term lubrication on food processing equipment where incidental food contact may occur. CRC Food Grease is NSF H1 registered for use in the food industry and can be applied on all metal constructions used in the food industry: hinges, valves, chains, gears, joints, …

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General description

Reliable lubricating grease intended for use during general maintenance in the food processing industry where incidental food contact may occur.

A non-toxic, high performance lubricant with good anti-corrosion properties



  •  Equipped with the exclusive Perma Lock System
    o Integrated short and long distance applicator.
    o Secured spray straw can not get lost.
    o The locked actuator can not detach or get lost.
    o Green color actuator, indicating H1 Food Processing Safe.
  • Registered NSF class H1.
  •  Operational over a most common temperature range.
  • Exceptional mechanical stability.
  • Resists steam.
  • Prevents corrosion. Complies with BRC Global Standard (Issue 7) – 4.7.6.



  • Suitable for all plain and rolling bearings.
  • Prevents seepage in humid environments.
  • Slide guides on palletizers and XYZ equipment.
  • Avoid mixing with other lubricants
  • Do not use on energized equipment
  • Apply to a clean and dry surface.
  • Aerosol:
  • When using the aerosol, shake well before application.
  • Spray uniformly, do not over-apply. When possible move the fitting parts gently while spraying.
  • Bulk:
  • Apply with brush, spatula or a standard grease gun.
  • Remove over spray with a suitable degreaser.

On our web site, a safety data sheet (SDS) is available for all CRC products. The SDS accords to EU
directive 91/155/EEC and it’s amendments


Typical product data (without propellant)

Appearance   Grease
Colour   translucent
Basic soap   Al-complex
Basic oil   mineral
Basic oil viscosity mm²/s 160
NLGI Penetration class 2
Flash point °C >200
Drop point °C 250
Operational temperature °C -20 to +140
Water resistance   0-90
VOC Aerosol [g/dm³] 495
dN value   500.000
Designation DIN 51825 K2N-20
Shelf life years from production date 6
  1. Based upon the present state of our knowledge and information received from our suppliers, evaluation of this product indicates that it is free from nut oils and their derivatives.
  2. This product does not contain allergenic food ingredients listed in Annex IIIa of directive 2007/68/EC, this being an amended to 2003/89/EC and in Annex II of directive (EC) 1169/2011.



32317 Aerosol :   12 x 500 ml
20158 Cartridge :   6 x 400 ml
10291 Tin : 12 x 1 Lt
30438 Pail : 1 x 20 Lt

All statements in this publication are based on service experience and/or laboratory testing. Because of the wide variety of equipment and conditions and the unpredictable human factors involved, we recommend that our products be tested on-the-job prior to use. All information is given in good faith but without warranty neither expressed nor implied.

This Technical Data Sheet may already have been revised at this moment for reason such as legislation, availability of components and newly acquired experiences. The latest and only valid version of this Technical Data Sheet will be sent to you upon simple request or can be found on our website: We recommend you to register on this website for this product so you will be able to receive any future updated version automatically.