PTFE lubricant for dry lubrication and use on plastic friction points.

CRC Dry Lube is a fast drying dispersion of white, waxy PTFE particles, leaving a dry lubricating film on the surface. The product exhibits outstanding anti-stick and release properties. As a lubricant, it is most effective at reduced speeds and low loads.

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General description

Dry, non greasy surface lubrication.



• Clean, dry and non-oily.
• Functional over a wide temperature range.
• Contains PTFE for extra lubricity.
• Produces a very low coefficient of friction.
• Most effective when low speeds and light loads are involved.
• High temperature resistance.
• Safe on most rubbers, plastics and coatings. Test on sensitive or stressed materials before use.



• Coin mechanisms.
• Plastic drives and sliding mechanisms.
• Fine mechanics.
• Pneumatic tools.
• Precision instruments.
• Valves.
• Surface treatment. Release agent for moulding plastic and rubber.
• Transfer of CRC Dry Lube to moulded parts is negligible, minimizing interference with post finishing operations.



• Shake well before use.
• Shake until the agitator ball moves freely in the can.
• To remove residues or excess product, use one of the CRC cleaners.
• Spray from a distance of approximately 20 – 30 cm.
• Allow to dry at room temperature.
• Do not use on energized equipment.
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and amendments is available
for all CRC products


Typical product data (without propellant)

Appearance Liquid.
Color Off-white.
Odor Solvent.
Density 0.75 g/cm3 (@ 20°C).
Flash Point <0°C
Density active product 2.16 g/cm3 (@ 20°C).
Operating temperature active product max 250 °C
Drying time active product 15 min



Aerosol 12×400 ML Ref. : 30519
  12×500 ML Ref. : 30520


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