Crc Minus 50 Spray

Crc Minus 50 Spray

Coolant for electrical and electronic use. CRC Minus 50 is a non-flammable, inert dry coolant spray for maintenance, trouble shooting and repair. Used to cool down parts and components to temperatures below 0°C to a minimum of -50°C; the tracking of intermittent faults, the detection of hairline cracks, and the locating of defective components becomes easier.




  • Protects heat sensitive components from high temperatures during soldering and desoldering.

  • Facilitates precision fitting of metal parts : a short spray will shrink one part so a slip fit becomes possible.

  • Saves maintenance cost and downtime.

  • Non-flammable and inert.

  • No chemical attack of components.

  • Evaporates completely, leaving no residue.

  • Invaluable for testing thermostats and all systems responding to temperature changes.


  • Testing of thermometers and thermostats.

  • Locating defective electrical parts.

  • Finding faulty connectors …

  • Locating defective diodes , transistors …

  • Shrink fitting / removal of bushes, bearings, spindles …

  • Assembly / disassembly of tolerance equipment.

  • Checking of transistor ignition systems.

  • Trimming / machining of rubber bushes …

  • Removal of chewing gum, adhesives, sweets … from fabrics, curtains, carpets, chairs, etc (spray until gum is brittle and then break away).

  • Pre-cooling “dental” instruments.


  • Let suspect circuit heat-up, spray one component at a time. Spraying of faulty component will give instantaneous change of output.

  • Hairline cracks in PC will be exposed by frosting up the copper circuitry.

  • Use extension tube for precise aiming and hard to reach areas.

  • A safety data sheet (MSDS) according EU directive 93/112 is available for all CRC products.

Note :

with sensitive or stressed plastic parts, the thermal stress induced by strong local cooling must be considered.



Appearance : colourless gas (***)

Flash point (open cup) : none

Specific gravity (liquid, 20°C) : 1,15

Vapour density (vs. air=1) : > 3

Boiling range : -24°C to -27°C

Heat of evaporation at boiling point : 290 J/ml

Vapour pressure (@ 20°C) : 460 kPa

Ozone depletion potential (vs CFC 11=1) : 0,00

Greenhouse potential (vs CFC 11=1) : 0,2


aerosol : 12 x 200 ml