Crc Industrial Degreaser


Heavy duty non-chlorinated cleaner. An innovative solvent blend that contains no chlorinated solvents and no ozone-depleting components. CRC’s Industrial Degreaser is excellent for use where rapid turnaround is necessary and low flash point solvents can be used. Dissolves and removes greases, oils, lubricants, adhesives and contaminants from equipment, machinery, motors and metal parts. Especially formulated for degreasing electric motors; the common coating types used on electric windings are not attacked.




  • Cuts through dirt, penetrates quickly under it.

  • Attacks encrusted residues.

  • Fast evaporation to minimize downtime.

  • Easy “in place” cleaning.

  • Leaves no residues.

  • Non-corrosive and non-staining.

  • Safe on most plastics, coatings and rubbers (test prior to use).Low odor.

  • Aerosol is equipped with the 360° (upside-down) spray valve and extension tube for added convenience.

  • Aerosol is pressurized with non-flammable CO2 propellant, giving an active product content of over 97%.

  • Authorized by USDA for use in the food industry, according K1, K2.


  • Electric motors

  • Pumps

  • Generators

  • Bearings

  • Air tools

  • Mechanical brakes and clutches

  • Chains

  • Sprockets

  • Wire ropes

  • Dies

  • Moulds

  • Air conditioners and compressors

  • Fork lift trucks

  • Material handling equipment

  • General degreasing and oil removal


  • Apply liberally and allow excess to run off. Air dry or dry with absorbent cloth. Repeat if necessary.

  • Use extension tube for hard-to-reach areas.

  • In dipping applications, agitation accelerates cleaning. Dip tank should be covered when not in use to avoid undue evaporation.

  • May also be used by wiping with a clean rag or brushing.

  • Check solvent compatibility for your application before use. If in doubt, test a small area or call the manufacturer of the equipment. Do not use on sensitive electronic equipment.

  • Use with adequate ventilation. Do not use on energized equipment. Allow drying thoroughly and venting before reactivating system.

  • A safety data sheet (MSDS) according EU directive 93/112 is available for all CRC products.

  • After cleaning, use CRC 3-36 for protection and lubrication.

. TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)

Appearance : colorless liquid, sweet odor

Specific gravity (@ 20°C) : 0.808

Boiling range : 100-170 °C

Vapor density (vs air = 1) : 4

Freezing point : < -30 °C

Evaporation rate (vs ether = 1) : 19

Flash point (closed cup) : 25°C

Kauri – Butanol value : > 150

Hildebrand solubility parameter (calc.) : 8.206

Hydrogen bonding index (calc.) : 0.384

Fractional polarity (calc.) : 0.037

Viscosity (@ 20°C, calc.) : 0.76 mPa.s

Surface tension (@ 25°C est.) : 23 mN/m

Plastics compatibility : poor, test prior to use

ODP (vs F11 = 1) : 0.00


aerosol : 12 x 500 ml

bulk : 4 x 5 L

20 L

200 L