Low viscosity oil for high speed spindle and slide lubrication.

Low viscosity, good affinity to metals, excellent water resistance, reduces stick and slip problems, high load capacity, thin durable lubricating film.


Guide rails, adjustment mechanisms, ball-joints, rotating positioning surfaces.

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General description

Low viscosity oil for high speed spindle and slide ways lubrication.



• Low viscosity.
• Good affinity to metals.
• Excellent water resistance.
• Reduces stick and slip problems.
• High load capacity.
• Thin durable lubricating film.



• Guide rails.
• Adjustment mechanisms.
• Ball-joints.
• Rotating positioning surfaces.



• Shake well before use.
• Use only with adequate ventilation.
• Do not use on energized equipment.
• Apply to a clean, dry surface.
• Apply the quantity as described by the machine manufacturor.
• Do not mix with other products.
• To remove residues or excess product, use one of the CRC cleaners.
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and amendments is available
for all CRC products.


Typical product data (without propellant)

Appearance                                                                                                  Liquid.

Color                                                                                                            Amber.

Density                                                                                                         0.823

Odor                                                                                                            Characteristic odor.

Dynamic viscosity active product                                                                9.9 mPa.s (@ 40°C).

4-ball weld load active product                                                                   330 kg

4-ball wear active product                                                                           0.2 mm

Operating temperature active product                                                        -50 –> 120 °C

salt spray resistance active product                                                              24 h



Aerosol 12×500 ML Ref. : 32146

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