Two component polyurethane foam for manual application.

Can be used on various substrates. Dry to touch within 4 minutes, independent from humidity. Homogeneous cell structure allows to be painted over. Especially designed for sealing, bonding and filling in construction works, trims within 10 minutes. Slight post-expansion.


General description

Two component PU foam, fast curing. Convenient for all common used substrates in constructions.



  • Excellent adhesion to all common construction
  • The cured foam can be either covered with a filler-primer or straight
  • Cures in 10 minutes
  • Does not deform the
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation



  • Appropriate for positioning and fixing window and door
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Cavity filling in building
  • Assures a uniform curing in the full mass of the



  1. Screw the trigger and expansion tube to the aerosol
  2. Put the red push-rod in the opening in the bottom of the
  3. Place the aerosol on a horizontal surface, hold it with both hands and push it firmly on the push-rod.
  4. Shake well for at least 20 to 30
  5. Hold the unit upside down and pull the
  6. Make sure the product leaving the aerosol has a uniform color. If not, repeat as from step
  7. Humidify the surfaces you want to treat
  8. Apply in upside down
  9. After pressing the push-rod in the aerosol bottom, the lifetime of the product diminishes to 3

Note: Clean spoilage of non cured product immediately with CRC PU Foam Cleaner. Cured product only allows mechanical removal.

A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EU directive 91/155/EEC and amendments is available for all CRC products.


Typical product data (without propellant)                                                                                               

Color                                                                     : Green

Fire reaction class                                                  : B2                                        DIN 4102-1

Ambient application temperature                         : +5°C to +35°C

Maximal gap filling                                                : 50%

Drying time                                                            :  to touch 4 min                      FEICA TM 1014 to be cut 10 min                                                                                                                                         FEICA TM 1005 full cured 2 hours

Expanded volume                                                  :  a 400 ml produces 12 liters  FEICA TM 1003

Thermal conductivity                                             : 0,040 W/m.K                        EN 12667

Tensile strength                                                      : 180 kPa                                ISO 527

Temperature resistance                                          : permanent -40°C to +90°C temporarily -40°C to 130°C

Conservation and storage                                      : At a temperature between 5°C and 25°C Straight up, 9 months in                                                                                    the original closed packaging in a fresh and dry environment.




Aerosol            12×500 ML

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