Label remover.

Solvent mixture, free of CFC’s and HCFC’s. Removes self-adhesive paper labels from most surfaces in 2-3 minutes after wetting (test on plastics prior to use). NSF listed as an adhesive and glue remover (NSF K3).



To remove self-adhesive paper labels from most surfaces in 2-3 minutes after wetting (test
on plastic substrates prior use.



FPS Label Off Super is a solvent mixture specially designed for the removal of self-adhesive
paper labels. It penetrates the label paper and dissolves the underlying adhesive. Due to its
high dissolving power of acrylate based adhesives – the mostly used type of adhesives for
self-adhering labels – labels can be removed easily in one go after only 2 minutes.
The aerosol is equipped with an extension tube, allowing precise spot application on small



• FPS Label Off Super removes all sorts of paper labels :
* address and production stickers from drums, cans and cardboard boxes.
* identification labels on shelves, drawers or warehouse containers.
* labels on spare parts and tools.
* price indicating labels on glass, china, ceramics, furniture.
* laboratory labels on flasks and bottles.
* adhesive and label residues on labeling machines.
• FPS Label Off Super is very good at dissolving many sticky substances. It is therefore
ideal for removing tree resin, chewing gum and tar. Also adhesive remains following the
removal of a label, can be dissolved and wiped off.
• NSF registration :K3, registration number: 139426

A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and
amendments is available for all CRC products.



Soak the label with FPS Label Off Super. Most labels can be pulled off in one go after 2
minutes. In difficult cases waiting time can be extended to 15 minutes. If adhesive is still
stuck to the substance after the label has been removed, spray FPS Label Off Super on a
cloth and wipe off the adhesive residue.
• The aerosol can uses carbon dioxide as propellant and is filled for ± 97% with active
product. The extension tube allows precise dosing when used on small labels or difficult
to reach areas.
• If FPS Label Off Super is used on plastics or varnished surfaces it is essential to carry
out a resistance test before use. The label remover is not suitable for objects made of
polystyrene or polycarbonate.
• FPS Label Off Super is a powerful degreasing agent. If it is to be used in large quantities,
appropriate protective gloves should be worn. Remove all close-by ignition sources.


TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)          

Smell   : fresh fruit
Density at 20°C   : 0.78 g/cm³
Flashpoint   : <0°C
Evaporation rate (ether = 1) : 94



Aerosol : 12 x 200 ml

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variety of equipment and conditions and the unpredictable human factors involved, we recommend that our
products be tested on-the-job prior to use. All information is given in good faith but without warranty neither
expressed nor implied.
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