Non flammable, high pressure invertible dust remover.

Efficient high pressure liquid gas blend that removes dust and cleans with a powerful jet of dry inert gas. It prevents errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust. Leaves no residue or condensation. Designed for use as a cleaner for electrical or electronic equipment in food processing or non-processing areas. NSF K2 registered.


General description

A high pressure, inert, liquefied gas that removes dust and loose debris. It prevents electronic component
errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust in electronic devices, data processing
equipment, servo-mechanisms and similar apparatus. Compared to traditional aerosol based dusters, it has
been formulated to minimize its long-term environmental impact by reducing its Global Warming Potential
(GWP) value to 7



• Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
• Non-flammable (according to directive 2008/47/EC)
• Blows away dirt, dust, particles and dry contaminants
• ‘Pure’ gas – will not leave residue like compressed air cleaning
• Essential for all cleaning operations where liquid solvents are inappropriate.
• Helps to eliminate failures occurring when fluids (water, oil mist …) are trapped in dust or dirt.
• Harmless to plastics, coatings and delicate components
• Non-oxidising.
• NSF registration :K2 (registration number: 139792)



• Printed circuit boards
• Optics, lenses and sensors
• Precision instruments
• Laboratory equipment
• Timers
• Communication equipment
• Data processing equipment
• Servo-mechanisms



• For best results, use the “quick shot” method aiming at the contamination to be removed. After
multiple or continuous application, allow some time for the internal pressure to be restored.
• Use extension tube for precision applications and hard-to-reach areas.
For use on energized equipment keep ambient temperature under 28°C.


Typical product data (without propellant)

Appearance : Colourless gas
Specific gravity (liquid, 20°C) : 1.2
Vapour pressure (20°C) : 420 kPa
Ozone depletion potential: None
Global Warming Potential: 7
Tests according directive 2008/47/EC: non flammable*
Flame extension test : Pass  < 15 cm
Drum test: Pass > 300 s/m³



Aerosol :  12×250 ML

*Although classified as nonflammable by GHS, DOT, IATA and IMDG and as measured by ASTM E-681 and ISO 10156, Solstice® Propellant (HFO-1234ze) can exhibit vapor flame limits at elevated temperatures. Solstice® Propellant has a very narrow flammable range (LFL-UFL) of 8.0-8.5 volume percent in air at one atmosphere under the following conditions:

  • Temperature is 86°F (30°C), (and)
  • Relative Humidity ≥50%, (and)
  • High energy ignition source or open flame is present

Accordingly, CRC recommends that for use on energized electrical equipment the ambient temperature should be below 28°C.