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General description

Fast-drying primer for hard plastics. Ensures the best adhesion and economical consumption of CRC Acrylic Paint on plastic, which saves time and money. For indoor and outdoor use.

Can be used for following hard plastics:

  • Polyurethane (PUR)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyamide (PA)
  • Polypropylene rubber, modified (EPDM)
  • Acrylic, butadiene styrene plastics (ABS)
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GfK)
  • Hard polyvinyl chloride (Hart-PVC)

Three step paint system: Use in combination with CRC Acrylic Paint and CRC Acrylic Varnish to get the best result and ultimate protection.



  • Very fast-drying: topcoat can be applied after 15 minutes (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity)
  • Ensures the best adhesion and economical application of the topcoat on plastic
  • Flexible nozzle: twist the nozzle to change the spray direction (horizontally or vertically) for easy application
  • Variable output: adapt the output to your desire by sliding the button at the back of the nozzle to the left or the
  • Results in a smooth surface
  • Easy to apply and user friendly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications



CRC Acrylic Plastic Primer is recommended as a primer to promote the best adhesion of CRC Acrylic Paint on plastic.



  • The surface must be clean, dry and free of silicone, dust and


  • Before use, shake well until the agitator ball moves freely in the can (for +/- 3 minutes).


  • Thanks to the variable nozzle, the spray pattern and the output are adjustable. Twist the button at the front of the nozzle for the desired spray pattern (horizontal or vertical). Slide the button at the back of the nozzle left or right for the desired level of


  • Apply in light, even coats. Best result is obtained with max. 2 thin layers. Spray from a distance of +/- 25


  • When finished, clean the aerosol valve by turning the can upside down and press the button until only propellant escapes.


  • For optimum result, apply CRC Acrylic Paint after +/- 15


  • A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and amendments is available for all CRC


Remark: Test spray at an invisible spot Remarks: 

  • Test spray at an invisible
  • Limited resistance to petrol
  • Do not spray over synthetic paints!


Typical product data (without propellant)

Basis of the binder:                                                       Special resin


Size:                                                                              400 ml aerosol


Colour:                                                                          Transparent


Consumption:                                                                400ml is sufficient for +/- 5 to 6 m2 (depending on                                                                                                          consistence and colour of the surface).


Drying time (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity):           Dry and coatable: +/- 15 minutes



         Acrylic Plastic Primer

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