Lithium EP grease with high adhesion properties.


• Water resistant

• Reduces friction and wear

• Protects from rust and corrosion


• Keeps dirt, cold and hot water out of the equipment

• Extends parts and equipment life

• Compatible with all metals and commonly used types of sealing materials

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Exceptional adhering EP-lithium grease.
CRC Super Adhesive Grease is a semi-synthetic high performance EP (extreme pressure)-lithium soap-based grease for slow moving rolling-element and sliding-contact bearings. As a result of its exceptional adhesive properties, this grease is normally used in environments characterised by splash water, high humidity and dirt. The excellent long-term resistance makes it suitable for use on difficult to reach lubrication points which are rarely lubricated.



• Extremely resistant to oxidation
• Extreme worked stability
• High pressure load
• Water resistant
• Good protection against corrosion
• High temperature stability
• Very good adhering properties



• High loaded slow moving rolling-element bearings.
• High loaded slow moving sliding-contact bearings.
• Guides
• Bending and revolving joints
• Rim bearings in construction machines, milling units and presses.



• Surfaces/equipment to be treated should be clean and dry. Use CRC Fast Dry Degreaser
for removing all dirt.
• When using CRC Super Adhesive Grease on new bearings, apply until fresh grease
• Roller bearings should normally only be half filled with grease. Follow bearing
manufacturer’s specifications.
• For best results, do not mix with other grease types.The mixing of different lithium-based
greases is not critical. Not compatible with sodium-based greases.
A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and
amendments is available for all CRC products.



Thickener                                                                              :    lithium

Base oil                                                                                  :    semi-synthetic

NLGI class                                                                             :    2

Temperature range

-permanent                                                                         :    -30°C to +140°C

-short-term                                                                         :    +150°C

Dropping point (ASTM D 2265)                                          :    approx. 190°C

Worked penetration (ASTM D 2137)                                   :    265 to 295 mm/10

Water resistance (DIN 51 807 T1)                                        :    1-90

Base oil viscosity at 40°C (ASTM D 445)                              :    800 mm2/s

Corrosion protection (IP 220/85)                                        :    corrosion degree 0 Copper corrosion at 120°C (ASTM D 4048)                                                                                   :    corrosion grade 1 Mechanical-dynamic test at 120°C

(DIN E 51806-02-SKF-R2F-120)                                          :    pass

FAG-FE9 useful life at 140°C

(DIN 51 821-02-A/1500/6000-140)                                    :    F50 > 200 h

Timken load (ASTM D-2509)                                              :    50 lb Designation

(DIN 51 502)                                                                       :    KP 2 N-30

(ISO 6743-9)                                                                       :    ISO-L-XCDEB 2

DN-value                                                                            :    250.000 mm/min




tube : 12 x 100 ml
cartridge : 6 x 400 g
bulk : 12 x 1 kg

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