Special paint for line marking

CRC Striping Paint is especially developed to trace lines either indoors or outdoors. The chosen resins offer a high resistance to wear and extreme bad weather conditions. Equal and precise line tracing and long lasting coverage over flat surfaces

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Striping Paint is specially developed for making permanent lines in- and outdoors. The chosen
resins give a high resistance to friction, abrasion, chemicals and extreme environmental
conditions. Exceptional long term coverage for those applications demanding a linear pattern.



• High resistance to friction and abrasion (according to test ASTM D4060-95), traffic and
severe environmental conditions (UV, detergents, oils, heavy rain,…).
• Extended life time (double compared to traditional paints).
• Perfect striping thanks to the uniform coverage ability.
• Precise and reliable striping is possible. No pattern widening at the extremities.
• Regular flow rate to assure a uniform spray pattern.
• Adaptable spray pattern: all aerosols are equipped with a spare nozzle to change from
conic to flat pattern.
• Can be used manual or with the help of a striping machine.
• Fast drying.
• Satin/high gloss aspect assures that dirt does not easily sticks to the paint.
• Easy identification as the cap has the colour of the paint.
• Does not contain chlorinated solvents nor it is classified irritant.



All applications demanding for a permanent linear signalization.
• Indication of working zones.
• Stripes at parking places in- and outdoors.
• Sports fields, play grounds,…
• Bicycle roads, pedestrian roads, general traffic signalization.
• Indication of security zones and warehouse locations in production plants.



• Shake the can well before use, during one minute after the agitating ball is free.
• For manual application: use the white button. For application with a striping machine: use
the yellow button. Both buttons are located in the aerosol cap. The application is also
possible with the different striping machines on the market: use the appropriate button,
according to the machine manufacturer’s instruction, located in the carton box.
• Use the aerosol only upside down.
• After use, purge the valve by actuating the aerosol in the upright position until only gas
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EU directive 91/155/EEC and amendments is
available for all CRC products.



TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)

Binder                                                                                      : modified alkyd


White:      General striping – Parking                                      RAL 9016

Yellow:      Attention – Danger                                                RAL 1023

Red:          Danger – interdiction                                             RAL 3020

Blue:          Obligation – protection                                        RAL 5017

Green:       Information – evacuation                                     RAL 6024

Black:        Delete existing stripes                                           RAL 9017

Aspect of the film                                                                  : satin, brilliant

Resistance to abrasion                                                           : testing

Density                                                                                   : 1,12 to 1,25

Dry to touch (20°C & 75%RH)                                                : 30 minutes

Complete curing                                                                     : 6 hours

Coverage                                                                                 : 50 running m /500 ml (aerosol)

Application conditions:

Minimum ambient temperature                                             : 5°C

Minimum surface temperature                                               : 5°C

Maximum humidity                                                                 : 50% RH




Aerosol 12 x 500 ml

All statements in this publication are based on service experience and/or laboratory testing. Because of the wide
variety of equipment and conditions and the unpredictable human factors involved, we recommend that our
products be tested on-the-job prior to use. All information is given in good faith but without warranty neither
expressed nor implied.
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