Ready to use water-based silicone emulsion release agent.

Releases many types of plastic and rubber, especially PVC and rubber profile extrusions.

• Economical in use and environmentally ‘safe & friendly’

• Operational temperature up to +150°C

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General description

A general-purpose non-ionic aqueous emulsion containing a medium viscosity silicone oil.



• Outstanding resistance to heat: no thermal degradation, which would be susceptible to leave
carbonaceous residues
• Chemical inertness
• Complete incompatibility with some organic matters
• Good lubricating power



• Mould release of technical rubber, tyres, plastics as well as foundry materials.
• Sizing of synthetic fibres



• Dilution of the material prior to use should be done with water, provides an excellent means for
incorporating low concentrations of silicone emulsion accurately and economically. Such dilution
may provide greater ease of handling and more effective use of silicone).
• Apply by brush or spraying

A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EC Regulation N° 1907/2006 Art.31 and
amendments is available for all KF products.


Typical product data

Appearance                                       :    homogeneous Milky white

Active product                                  :    35%

Emulsifier                                          :    non ionic

Viscosity base fluis at 25°C               :    350 mm²/s

pH                                                     :   4-9

Diluent                                              :    water



Bulk       5 kg

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