Special multi position paint for manual marking and signaling.

A fast drying paint, formulated for temporary signaling and marking jobs for all types of outdoor works. CRC Marker Paint can be used in all positions, no need to purge after use. Due to the special resin the product has a very good adherence to any type of substrate (asphalt, rock, concrete, wood, …), even under severe weather conditions (humidity, cold,…). The special formula ensures a good (fluorescent) aspect over light and dark areas.

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CRC Marker Paint is based on acrylic resins and thermoplastic copolymers of high quality.
The CRC Marker Paint provides temporary markings on different substrates and in different
colors, demanded by the market.



• Fast drying.
• Perfectly visible, bright colors.
• Easy to apply.
• Thyxotropic, for easy application on vertical and overhead surfaces.
• 360° valve for use in all positions.
• Excellent coverage, even on black surfaces.
• The color and visibility remains during an extended period of time:
o Fluorescent for at least 1 month.
o Color disappears after approximately 6 months, depending on the substrate.
• Good adhesion to different substrates.
• Does not contain aromatic solvents.
• Does not contain lead or other heavy metals.
• Can be applied onto a big variety of substrates.
• The markings resist temperatures below zero.
• Can be applied on humid substrates.
• The specially designed applicator-cap allows application with one finger.
• The special paint rheology minimizes the need for shaking before use.



Fulfills the needs for temporary markings in the following applications:
• Public engineering: highway & road construction, dams, railways, bridges.
• Topographic indications. Oil drilling. Mining.
• Installations of electric, telephone, water and gas supplies; cables for telecommunication.
• Harbours, airports.
• Agriculture.
• Police and civil protection.
• Army.
• Sport events. Official and public events.
• Markings for geological studies.
• Construction: private and official buildings.
• Industries in general.
• All situations where a temporary signalization with high visibility is needed.
Surfaces on which the CRC Markerpaint can be used on:
• Asphalt, concrete, sand, natural & artificial stone, wood, metals, plastics.



• Before use, shake the aerosol well during at least 15 seconds and until you can hear the
mixing ball moving freely.
• No need to purge the valve after use.
• Do not apply on energized equipment.
• Only use in well ventilated areas.

A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EU directive 91/155/EEC and amendments is
available for all CRC products.



TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)

type of binder                                                              : acrylic thermoplast

color                                                                            : 6 fluorescent colors

(red, green, yellow, blue, orange, fuchsia)

white, black, yellow

Gloss 60° (ASTM D 523 , ISO 2813)                                         : < 10 %

Density (ASTM D 1475 , ISO 2811)                                          : 1

Dry to touch (ASTM D 1640 , ISO 1517)                                  : 5 minutes

Totally dry (ASTM D 1640 , ISO 1517)                                      : 10 minutes

Dry coat weight (ASTM D 823 , ISO 2808)                               : 40 µ (2 passages)

Adhesion (ASTM D 3359 , ISO 2409)                                       : 2B

Surface coverage                                                                     : 2 m² / 500ml

Application conditions

minimum ambient temperature                     :  – 10 °C

minimum substrate temperature                   :  – 10 °C

maximum relative humidity                            : 85 %




Aerosol: 12 x 500 ml

All statements in this publication are based on service experience and/or laboratory testing. Because of the wide
variety of equipment and conditions and the unpredictable human factors involved, we recommend that our
products be tested on-the-job prior to use. All information is given in good faith but without warranty neither
expressed nor implied.
This Technical Data Sheet may already have been revised at this moment for reason such as legislation,
availability of components and newly acquired experiences. The latest and only valid version of this Technical
Data Sheet will be sent to you upon simple request or can be found on our website:
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