Assembly paste with solid graphite particles and MoS2 for easy assembly and smooth start-up situations.

Has a good affinity to metals and resists high pressure and elevated temperatures (+650°C). Excellent water resistance. Does not run or drip off, prevents seizing and fretting. High EP (Extreme Pressure)- and anti-wear properties. Produces a very low coefficient of friction. Reduces stick and slip problems and provides long lasting lubrication.

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A universal assembly spray paste.
Special sprayable paste which contains a combination of the extremely pressure-resistant
solid lubricants molybdenum disulphide (MoS2 ) and graphite, stabilised in adhesive mineral



• High load-carrying capacity reducing the appearance of the grooves when inserting
• Water-repellent
• Good corrosion protection
• Oxidation resistant
• High thermal stability (up to 650°C)
• Very good adhesion
• Prevents seizing
• Prevents fretting corrosion, scuffing and stick-slip
• Constant ratio of starting torque to initial tension
• Smoothes out rough surfaces



• Mounting of longitudinal press fits, eg. for bolts and bearing seats.
• Assembly of seals and screws.
• Surface treatment of rolling and sliding bearings to improve the running-in and to extend
• Lubrication of guides and joints with very slow sliding movement.
• Bearing lubricant for wheel bearings and kiln carts.
• Lubrication of all types of open gears.
• Running-in lubricant of new gear wheels.



• Shake can very well till agitator ball is free.
• Apply a thin, even layer.
• As running-in for rolling and sliding bearings, polish the applied product with a soft cloth.
Remove any excess.
• As running-in for new gear wheels : let the gears operate at a low speed and with a low
load (eg. moving by hand) without the operating lubricant.Then fill the system with the


TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)

Temperature range -30°C to +650°C
Load carrying capacity

(four-ball welding load) (DIN 51350)


7.000 N
Flash point of aerosol < 0°C


aerosol : 12 x 400ml

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