CRC SP 350 Corrosion Inhibitor

CRC SP 350 Corrosion Inhibitor

Long-term indoor corrosion inhibitor. CRC SP 350 Corrosion Inhibitor is a heavy-duty indoor corrosion inhibitor providing extended protection for all metal parts and assemblies both in storage and during shipments. Its unique formulation, to resist run-off and flow, easily covers planed surfaces and sharp edges, making it particularly effective on precision machined surfaces.




  • Heavy-duty corrosion protection up to 2 years indoors

  • Excellent long-term lubricant for metal parts subjected to heavy duty and constant wear

  • Thin, non-drying penetrating and protecting film

  • Displaces moisture

  • Protects equipment and parts in storage, shipment and in process

  • Promotes easy start-up

  • Suited for all metals and alloys, included copper and brass

  • Can be easily removed with solvent cleaners

  • Equipped with the 360° (upside-down) spray valve for added convenience

  • Pressurised with non-flammable CO2 propellant

  • Active product content of 97 %

  • Specifications : NSN 8030-25-100-4662


Final film for completed assemblies

  • Protective coating for assemblies in storage, shipment and process

  • Precision machined surfaces

  • Aircraft faying surfaces

  • Seasonal ‘moth balling’ of marine engine blocks, pistons and components

  • Protection of cutting tools, workbench tops, fixtures, gears and shafts.

  • Maintenance and storage of weapons

  • Start-up lubricant for stored machinery


  • Shake aerosol can well before use. Stir or mix bulk product to break its gel structure before dipping applications.

  • Spray a light, even coat to surfaces to be protected. Use extension tube for hard-to-reach areas and for spot lubrication. For electrostatic spraying, addition of a polar solvent may be necessary.

  • To be removed by solvent cleaners (CRC Industrial Degreaser, CRC Fast Dry Degreaser, …), alkaline cleaners or steam before surface treatment.

  • Do not use on energised equipment. Use in well ventilated areas. A Safety data sheet (MSDS) according EU directive 93/112 is available for all CRC products.


TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA (without propellant)

Appearance : amber, opaque

Specific gravity (@ 20°C)

aerosol : 0.82

bulk : 0.86

Distillation range of solvents

aerosol : 60-250°C

bulk : 190-250°C

Flash point (closed cup)

aerosol : < 0°C

bulk : 60°C

Dynamic viscosity (@ 20°C)

aerosol : 38 cPs

bulk : 20 to 100 mPa.s depending on gel formation

Freezing point : -20°C

Ultimate film thickness : 10-20 µm

(@ 20°C, after a 24 hr spread)

Maximum expected coverage : 40m2/l.

(@ 20°C, after a 24 hr spread)

Solvent dissipation : 2-4 h.

(@ 20°C, thin film)

Film properties (after evaporation of solvent)

Dynamic viscosity (@ 20°C) : 30.000 mPa.s (thixotropy)

Falex true load failure (ASTM D3233,Proc.A): 6500N

Salt spray resistance (*)(ASTM B 117) : > 300 h

Heat resistance : 100°C