• High pressure and high temperature resistant

• Enables easy disassembly of threaded parts, gaskets and flanges, even after long operational periods

• Threaded parts remain in good condition

• Separating film ensures favorable release behavior of the threaded connections

• Resistant to hot and cold water

• Lead-free and nickel-free

• Does not contain chlorinated solvents and uses hydrocarbon


CRC Copper Paste will prevent mechanical parts from seizing

This quality copper-based lubricant protects well against fretting and makes it easier to (dis)assemble mechanical parts. It also reduces friction and wear and is resistant to very low and hot temperatures.


An effective anti-seize lubricant for:

• Bolts, nuts, pins, bushings, , brake adjusters, spark plugs & splines

• Screw connections on hydraulic equipment

• Flanges, flange seals & exhaust screw connections

• Sliding sleeves / shaft